Crimson Pohutukawa Hot'N'Cold Pack



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Keep WARM, or CHILL those bumps and bruises- these Hot'n'Cold Packs are ideal for aches and pains, sore muscles, sprains, abdominal pain and perfect for relaxation. Hot'n'Cold packs can be used Hot or Cold. Just like a Hot Water Bottle or Wheat Bag- but not. These Hot'n'Cold Packs are filled with Silicone Beads, either stick them in the microwave for 1 minute or pop them in the Freezer. As they are filled with Silicone Beads, these Hot'n'Cold Packs will last you for years and won't become smelly like wheat bags. Full instructions can be found on the cloth tag attached to the Hot'n'Cold pack. Rectangle shape for versatility. Our Crimson Pohutukawa design is inspired by New Zealand's own Christmas Tree- the Pohutukawa, with it's beautiful and decorative blossoms.

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