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HDTV Adapter


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Features Micro-USB to HDMI adapter cable. Turns your phones USB port into a standard HDMI port. Works with all MHL enabled mobile phones and tablets. Use the TVs remote to control and access content on your phone. Supports content with high-bandwidth digital content protection(HDCP). Keeps your phone charged while connected.  Power charge smart phone. MAX 1080P HDTV. 8 Channel Digital Audio

Product Information

  • Interface: MHL specification V1.0
  • Bandwidth: 25Mhz-75Mhz
  • Connectors: Micro-USB (in), HDMI (out), USB 2.0 power
  • Video: 1080 HD
  • Audio: 8-channel (e.g. 7.1 surround) digital audio
  • Power Supply: 5V DC up to 0.1 from USB 2.0
  • Cable length: 1.2 & 0.6m
  • Dimensions: 14.5x12x2.6mm
  • Net weight: 52g
  • Requires MHL enabled mobile phone or tablet